Fawcett Hospital a Place to Die

If you ever need to go to the emergency room and you are in a life threatening situation, DO NOT go to Fawcett Hospital in Port Charlotte, Florida. Here is why:


Monday 10:00 a.m.:

I went to the emergency room with chest pains. First we had to register in the computer before anyone would talk to us. Then I sat there while he took more information and my blood pressure. Then I waited an hour before I was called into another office. In there I had to give them more information. Then I was told to go back out in the waiting area, which by the way was standing room only. About a half hour later they took an ekg. Then I was sent back to the waiting area. About another hour and a half, someone, not sure if he was a doctor or not said he wanted a blood test and he was going to give me a nitro patch. Another hour an a half they called me in and took blood. An hour later they called me back in for another ekg. Then they finally gave me some baby aspirin and a nitro patch. Back to the waiting area. Now a lady came and got me to do paper work. After that an hour later someone came and said they had a bed for me and that was going to be admitted to the hospital. We went through the doors to the er area where I was put in a bed in the aisle by the nurses station. As I looked there were beds all along the station and the walls with people waiting. Both my wife and I said it at the same time, ” looks like Costa Rica”. As there it was standing room only and beds lined the hallways.


Now when I came in I explained to several people about my heart condition. I’ve had open heart with four bypasses. I’ve had open heart for TMR where they used a laser to put fourteen holes in my heart. I also had radiation therapy in the heart vessels. And that I have had twenty-six stents put in. I explained that I don’t come in until it is bad and I know I have a blockage that needs to be stented. Finally after a couple hours they moved my bed into an overflow area in the er.

Tuesday 9:30 a.m.:

The next day I finally saw a cardiologist. He came in about 9:30 am. He said they would keep me on a nitro patch because he wanted to see my records first. Said they would call Wausau for them. Well they did that, and the nurse said they got them but we had to wait for the doctor to look at them. Well the doctor didn’t come back around until 7:30 that night. But when the nurse, who never looked at the fax, gave them to the doctor, half of them didn’t printed out. So now we have to wait until the next day to call them again. That night the chest pains got worse because they forgot to give me the nitro patch. I put on the call light and waited a half hour with nobody ever coming. Had to get out of bed and go find someone.  They finally game an gave me a couple nitro tablets. Then they sent for a nitro patch, which they should have done five hours earlier.

Wednesday 8:30 a.m.:

Well I wasn’t going to count on them calling for the records right away so I called right away in the morning. They had all my records in a half hour. Good thing I did because the nurse was too busy showing new nurses around. Doctor didn’t get them until about 11:00. But when he did he scheduled a heart cath. He was going to do the cath, but because another cardiologist  was there they decided to have him do it. Here is what they told me:

The cardiologist I had was going to do the heart cath. But if I needed stents ( or basically anything done) then they would have to call in another cardiologist to do it because the other one couldn’t put stents in. He can only inject the dye. So seeing the REAL cardiologist was there anyway they would just have him do it all. – Nurse

I mean WTH. Why would you have a cardiologist do any heart cath if they can’t fix anything they find. – Me

So they finally came and got me about 2:30. Jane was getting worried because I was in there for over two hours. It was because they had to wait for the doctor to finish in the other cath lab.  I had two 90% blockages. So they put in two more stents. If  they would have waited a few more days I could have  had a major heart attack. And in this hospital  I would be dead.


I guess I am spoiled by getting the excellent care I always got in Wausau at the Heart Center. We found out after from local residents that you never want to go the Fawcett Hospital. They advertise they are the top heart hospital but they aren’t. Apparently they have one hell of a marketing person. So if you are ever in the Port Charlotte area and need medical care do not go to Fawcett. Instead go across the street to Bayfront Hospital. They do have a top care heart unit.


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