These People Sickened Me


What the hell is the matter with people these days. To kill animals (or themselves) just to take a picture. We are hearing more and more incidents of people; no let’s call them what they really are: selfish morons, falling off building, mountains, stairs, etc just to get a Selfie. The lastest was a women gored by a bison she tried getting close to to take a picture in Yellowstone National Park.

Apparently they feel these pictures are worth dying for, so they can show someone else how stupid they were. But you know what, I don’t have a problem with that, if they want to risk their lifes, so be it. But now they are starting to risk the lives of defenseless animals. And that is not ok.

The photo above shows a bunch of morons passing around a baby dolphin.

A group of thoughtless, selfish tourists in Argentina ended up killing a baby dolphin all because they wanted to take “selfies” with it and pass the poor defenseless dolphin around to beach goers as if it were toy.                    ……………… Theresa Maska


And this was just any baby dolphin. The baby dolphin was a Franciscana dolphin also known as a La Plata Dolphin, which is listed as an endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Then after they pass this defendless baby dolphin around until it dies, they throw it on the beach and continue taking pictures.


It goes on and on, another defenseless creature loses its life, so a moron can snap a photo. These idiots should be imprisoned.

Now, a swan in Macedonia is the latest victim of this sad trend. According to the Macedonian International News Agency, a Bulgarian tourist grabbed the peaceful creature and dragged it out of a lake, leaving the poor thing to die on the shore once she had snapped her photo.

Today’s selfie-taking culture has gotten out of control. As if all of those stories about young people accidentally falling off of cliffs and buildings in an attempt to take “the perfect selfie” weren’t enough, now there’s an increasing number of reports about wildlife dying as a result of these vain endeavors. (Diana BrukViral Content Editor)

Tourists Pluck, Kill 2 Peacocks for … Selfies


The photo below shows a man gripping the peacock above tightly against his body while a woman appears to pet the animal and a boy grabs its tail feathers. Peacocks usually do not approach zoo visitors, but they lured the peacocks with food and then grabbed the bird by the tail. Zookeepers who saw the incident rushed to stop the visitors, especially when they not only took selfies with the bewildered birds but also violently plucked the peacock’s feathers as souvenir, and not only did they kill one, they killed two of these beautiful creatures, reported Mashable.

Pic shows: the scenes in which the tourists plucked the peacocks' feathers. Chinese tourists behaving badly are accused of grabbing peacocks and killing them by plucking out their tail feathers, and then hanging on to them to take selfies. The incident happened in Kunming city, in central China's Yunnan Province which was already hit by controversy over the repeated abuse of local seagulls by tourists. They have been photographed being grabbed for selfies, as well as another incident in which a tourist snapped himself taking shots at them. This time however it is peacocks that have been the subject of tourist abuse at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park. It is home to around 6,800 peacocks with one of the main attractions being allowing tourists to roam among the birds, although managers of the park make it clear that the peacocks are not to be touched. However that didn't stop some tourists over the weekend and in snaps posted online it showed the tourists going a stage further and grabbing hold of the peacocks. After the images emerged the zoo confirmed the deaths of two of its peacocks during the Spring Festival holiday and said a complaint had been made to police. Officers meanwhile confirmed that it appeared the peacocks had died because of the "violent behavior" of tourists that included holding the birds too tightly and pulling out feathers as souvenirs Online users angry at the treatment for the birds demanded similar torture for the tourists. One said: "I think the woman should have her hairs pulled out one by one, then she might know how it feels." (ends)           

These are just a few of the lastest incidents of people killing themselves, or more importantly killing innocent animals. If you noticed these murders did not take place here in the U.S. This is surprising to me, because many foreign counties have very strict laws. Unlike here where we let a lot of things happen because we don’t want to offend anyone, or their beliefs or what ever else that offends them.

                 ………So that’s my Two Cents


8 Replies to “These People Sickened Me”

  1. And people wonder why Mother Nature is pissed off and out of balance! Don’t get me started. Yet when we venture into their known twrritory and get bitten, stung or killed, it is considered an animal “attack”. Grrrrrrrrr……..


    1. Thanks Ken. It is getting worse all the time. I don’t know how people can do these things. Thanks for following and the comments. Miss you guys. Coming for a visit early Oct. maybe we will see you somewhere

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