Change on the Horizon

As the weather warms up and the snow ends ( unless your in Wisconsin)  many in our community here, in Florida, head back to their other homes for the summer. This means the end of the activities here. Everything is wrapping up. We had our last potluck Thursday, bocce ball wrapped up with a playoff between Oak IV (us) and Oak III (our neighboring community). We won that easily.Followed by a pizza party.


We had a year end cookout. Which you can see we enjoyed.

Then a couple of our neighbors each had a gathering. One was a Oyster cookout. I had about eight of them. Would have more but we had some thunderstorms move in and everything got messed up. But it was still great. And one last social hour (or two) with friends out in our front yard.


It is going to be pretty quiet here until about November. But that means more day trips, more beach time. Pool to ourselves and nice afternoon thunderstorms. All is good.


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