With A Little Help From My Friends


I need some advice, some help and maybe some solutions from my blogging community.

When I started this blog it was mostly to keep family and friends informed of our adventures overseas. But now we have settled in Florida. Maybe not the exotic adventure anymore more, but still some photos and stories I love to share. Which brings me to some issues I’ve run into as I have expanded my blog community.


I follow a lot of our great blogs ( one of the issues) but we will get to that shortly. The first issue is when I’m going through my reader (on WordPress) checking out all the new postings. I click the like button or I go in the site to read more. But I can go through 49-50 this way then the like button quits working. It will flash to add a like but goes right back. If I go in the site and click like it works fine, but if you go out of the site and then go back the like is gone. Or this could be working alright and then the reader has to reload and it goes back to the beginning. Which is really frustrating as I have to go back through all the post again. Some 50 or more. Finally I just quit, which I hateto do because then I miss sites. I am using an iPad, maybe that is the issue. Anyone else having issues?


Ok. This brings my next problem. As I mention briefly I follow a lot of sites. Almost 700. Really I’m not sure how it got that large. It’s just there are so many great ones that I like. It is sort of like Lays potato chips. Can’t just stop at one. So does anyone else follow this many? If so how to you keep up with them. Should I go back and weed them out? How? Maybe only follow ones that also follow me?

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

P.S. Would like to include weather on my site. Any ideas


8 Replies to “With A Little Help From My Friends”

  1. Hi AYR – I don’t have your first problem either, probably because I don’t use Reader. I’ve heard too many ugly things about it, so I prefer to follow blogs by email.

    It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the number of blogs you follow. I occasionally modify what comes into my email inbox. In the Reader, you can manage the sites you follow by modifying the frequency with which they come into your mailbox – or by turning off delivery entirely. This way I don’t stop following them, but their posts don’t come to my mailbox. I can still see them in the Reader though.

    Only on a few occasions have I ever felt the need to actually stop following someone.

    As Helen said, there are certain blogs I loyally follow because of the content and/or the blogger – regardless of whether they follow me or not. Certainly the ones where you follow each other, it is much easier to develop a rapport.

    Hope that’s helpful.


  2. Good morning, AYR. I don’t have your first problem, so I don’t have any answer for you on that one. I’ve struggled with your 2nd problem though. My conclusion is: only follow the ones that really means something to me… maybe because the content or because of the blogger… And you can always add someone back if you miss the person after you unfollow him/her. I hope someone else will have a better answer. I am anxious to learn.
    Have a great day.

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