Dry Season

It has really been dry here lately. Maybe a little rain once a month. So when we were driving around the other day and saw a hugh pillar of black smoke, being an ex volunteer fireman I had to check it out. As I went down a side road hoping to get to the other side where the black smoke was coming from, we stop as the fire was right along side of us in the woods.


At this point we were the only ones there. As we were about to call 911 another car pulled along side of us and said she called 20 minutes ago and wondered why hey weren’t there yet. But then we heard sirens coming. I thought they would be coming right where we were, but went by on the cross road and pulled right up to the fire on the other side.



It’s a good thing they came when they did because it was spreading and getting bigger very quickly.


This photo is just to the right of were they are with the hose.


In the news they stated it had spread quickly and burned about 5 acres and was in danger of heading through houses. But they contained it in time.

We need rain and soon.


5 Replies to “Dry Season”

  1. Wow – 20 minutes is a long time for a fire department to attend a scene – even for a volunteer fire department.

    Hope you get the rain you need soon. I would gladly send you some of ours if I could.


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