One Word Photo Challenge – Cage

One Word Photo Challenge – Cage

I haven’t participated in this challenge before, but when I saw the one word for this weeks change “Cage” I immediately thought of this picture and had to use the chance to get the word out again.

Jennifers OWPC runs each week with a one word promt. With this weeks word being “Cage” I believe this photo identifies the word pretty good. These two careless, negligent, shameful, and dangerous people (Rebecca Rojas, Walter lotz) belong in a cage, jail to be exact. They are the owners of Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica. For those who do not know the story check out this link “The Story and Reason”.  Please spread the word before more people get hurt or worse.



5 Replies to “One Word Photo Challenge – Cage”

  1. What a horrible experience! That could happen to anyone and probably has, and there’s no more hope of recovering any of your expenses? I hope your wife’s wrist is healed. So sorry you had to go through all of that.


    1. Yes it was an experience I would never want anyone to go through. That is why I try to spread the word whenever I can. Thank you for your interest

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