Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 24

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 24


In Ecuador on New Years they don’t have a great crystal ball that drops at midnight. What they do have is fireworks and the burning of effigies (like the ones in the featured photo)

New Year in Ecuador is as much about the Old Year as the new. Effigies are made of old clothes stuffed with newspaper and adorned with a mask. Each of these represents the “Año Viejo” or Old Year, and they are burnt at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The idea is to leave any negativity or problems behind in the old year and start afresh. A list of problems and worries may be written and put inside the effigy to be burnt. Those who want to travel in the year to come might jump over the burning old year carrying a suitcase or rucksack. Fireworks are set off at midnight too, so even if you don’t find a new year party to attend, you will still see plenty of celebrations. In Quito, from a reasonably high vantage point, you can expect to be watching several dozen firework displays simultaneously, with almost continuous fireworks from around 11.30pm to 12.30am.  ecuadortravelsite.org

So we went to one of the many road side booths in Crucita and bought one for our News Eve. What they failed to tell us was that they also put fireworks on the inside of them. But at midnight we found out with a bang.







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