Learning How to Florida Drive

I have been driving for 50 years. But I am still learning how to drive in Florida. We been here a year now and I am starting to learn the different ways of Florida driving.

First, cars here do not have turn signals installed in them. And cars that come from out of state aren’t allowed to use them.


Secondly, speed limits here are posted 10 miles over what the drivers here drive at. You don’t have speeding because everyone drives 5-10 miles under the speed limit.


And last (for now) a green light does NOT mean go. What it means here is that maybe, you might, consider, possibly, thinking about the idea that you could pull forward. Of course then the next car inline must go through the same thought process. By this time the light goes back to red. And it stays on red a long, long time.
When it is red if you are in front of a convenience store or similar you would have time to run and get a snack and get back in time before it turns green. But even then you still have plenty of time if you aren’t the first car in line.




19 Replies to “Learning How to Florida Drive”

  1. I have lived in South Florida all my life and I don’t think any of us know how to drive, especially in the ran. Got a good laugh from you article. Thanks


  2. I guess Florida drivers got a different handbook than TX drivers. Here it is: don’t pay attention to any speed limit…go as fast as you can; use those signals – leave them on forever and ever and never make a turn; traffic lights – red – doesn’t matter, keep going, yellow – hahaha – green – they all are green to us (must be color blind) … oh, if anyone does dare to go slow (speed limit) give them many dirty looks as you zoom past them.

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