Limited Action

On August 10th I will have cataract surgery in my left eye then on the 17th the right eye. While surgery is simple enough not sure how I will be to handle working on the iPad. Even when the patch comes off my glasses won’t be right, not until both eyes are done and I get new ones.

So basically I’ll be seeing limited action on the blog for awhile. I will have some of my posts scheduled ahead so you will still see a presences I just won’t be there. Be back in full force as soon as possible. Thanks


35 Replies to “Limited Action”

  1. I know it feels a little scary … I had the surgery in both eyes in the spring. I didn’t have cataracts, but my lens were replaced to imbed new lens with my prescription to correct some vision issues.
    I worried significantly. I bounced back quickly. I hope you will too. Best wishes.


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