Another Set of Little Ones

I’m trying to get a few posts in before Wednesday, when I have my second eye done. After that I won’t be able to see very good until they heal enough and they can get me a new prescription. Then I have to get the new glasses. So it my be awhile before I can post or visit your sites. We’ll have to see, I mean literally be able to see.

So anyway here is the lastest batch of duckies around the compound. They can look quite werid when full grown but they are cute when little. (Muscovy Ducks) This is a small batch only 5 but there will be more and bigger batches. This is the first time I’ve seen all white ones. I want to see if they stay all white. If they do they will be the only ones here.

This is how it all starts.

But she was not in the mood.

And he was not happy about it when she ran away. (Sorry a little blurry, she was in a hurry)

But it all ends the same more little fuzzy duckies.


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