101 Sunsets – #57





9 Replies to “101 Sunsets – #57”

    1. Thanks guys. Yes she thinks she is a self proclaimed professional. But I’ve seen real professionals and her work doesn’t even come close. In fact I’ve seen better from beginning amateurs. But it must make her feel good to make others think she knows what she is doing.


  1. Fire in the sky! I love it. You obviously enjoy taking photos of sunsets. Sometimes, what is important is the joy in the things we do. That is an inspiration to those who are pursuing the same. Keep it up! 🙂


  2. You are a sweet couple. I want to explain why I stopped following your blog. I follow too many so I decided to limit my choices to photographers who show work that looks more professional. The post processing on most of your work is not very good yet. I hope you learn how to do things like straighten horizons. I wish you joy in your pursuits.


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