Over 600 Minus One

I would like to say thank you to over 600 follows for taking the time and interest in our blog. The first year we had the blog we had 57 follows. Strictly family and friends. I never thought I would get to amount. I follow a couple blogs that have over 30,000 followers. Not even sure how that is possible.


I would also like to say thank you, to the one follower who after criticizing my photos and telling me I must post edit them and straighten the horizons on my sunset pictures, left.  Now, I have no problem with suggestions on how to improve. But this was more like a demand. And those I don’t listen too. Yes, they probably should be straight to start with, but I usually don’t post edit my photos, they are usually as shot. Now, I do like to play with some, like the sunsets and add an oil effect to them. But I don’t try and correct the photo. If it needs correcting that bad then I don’t use it.

What was really funny, is that this self proclaimed “professional” expert is anything but one. Her photos are average at best. Yet, she found the need, to post to me, that she could no longer stand to follow our blog, because the photos were not up to her professional standards. Give me a break. I’m not a professional photographer, and I’m not entering these in a professional show, and I’m not trying to sell them. Our blog is for our enjoyment to share with others. If you didn’t like the photos, fine, then don’t follow the site. But to make a point of telling me, you are not going to follow anymore, because our photos are not at your proffesional level, that’s just inflating your already too big of an ego. What are you the blog police. image

Ok I feel better now. Needed to vent. Thanks for listening. I’m sure she has done this to others so some will know exactly who I’m taking about.


14 Replies to “Over 600 Minus One”

  1. Congratulations on reaching this major milestone. It is both humbling and gratifying to have people who are interested in following our blogs, liking our posts, and commenting on them.

    Well – from the sound of it – not all comments. That one was unnecessarily mean-spirited.


  2. winces!! omg well, I have not had that kind of negative experience yet!! But yes, we are not professionals, we follow our bliss and what speaks to us in the heart! Never let anyone get you down. Keep going forward! You have a lovely blog!


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