Frustration and Translation ????

Is it my iPad? Or is it WordPress? Or What?

I follow a whole lot of different sites, and I like to visit them as much as I can. I’m sure many do as I do (at least those using WordPress) and go through the sites they follow using their reader in WordPress. I like to go through my list and like many of the sites by the lead photo or story. Then I like to click on the visit and go to the site to view more or comment.

And this is where the issues begin. First I can only like so many down the list then it won’t let me like anymore. If I click the like button it changes then changes right back again. But even worse is that many, many times when I go into the site (from reader) and read the post, comment or look at the rest of the photos, then want to go back to reader it goes back to the beginning. Now this is no big deal if I’m only down the list a dozen or so, but when it gets to 20-30 it’s a pain.

Now as many know I’m using an iPad. So is that part of the problem or is it a WordPress problem? Is there a better way to review the sites I follow. Also I can’t check everyone everyday there’s way too many. I liked to be able to check a different group each day. Any ideas out there please let me know. Sure I could cut down the list but if I’m following a site it’s because I liked it so where would I draw the line.


Ok my next question is this: several of the sites I follow are not in English. Well why did I follow them you ask. Photos! They had really great photos that shared my interest. But I would also like to read about the photos and their other articles. Any solutions for this?

Any help would be appreciated.



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  1. Add me to the list of people who don’t use the Reader. I opted for email notification right from the beginning. The Reader would drive me insane since it wouldn’t allow me to pick and chose the order in which to read posts.

    Also, I find using WP with my iPad is an exercise in frustration. Thank you – glad to hear I’m not the only one. WP just doesn’t seem to work as smoothly on an iPad. Overall, I don’t have issues with WP on my laptop. I have issues with my laptop, but that’s a story of its own!


    1. So do you go into every site from the email. I follow over 1200. And I’m beginning to see some of the issues are the iPad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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      1. Like you, I follow a lot of blogs and it’s just not possible to visit every post … especially bloggers who are very prolific and post everyday or multiple times a day. The exception is during the A-Z Challenge in April … then it’s a very busy month!!


  2. I stopped using the WP reader about a year ago. Even some of my own posts were not showing up in it. I decided to get notifications via email instead. Yes, it means more in the inbox, but I don’t encounter the problems I was experiencing with the reader.
    I use a desktop. Have you reported the problems to WordPress? They are very pro using their site on tablets and phones, so I’m sure would value your feedback.


  3. Hey. I have the problem with the “like” button on a regular basis. I use Windows 10. It is a WP problem not yours. It generally happens when I haven’t looked at my Reader for a couple of days and there are lots of new posts to look at. I can usually select like for a long series of posts and then, suddenly, it stops working. I need to pay more attention in the future to see if something triggers it, such as the age of the post in my Reader. The only solution I have found is to go to the post itself and hit the like button, but this takes a lot of time and I am not always returned to the same place in the Reader.

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    1. Yes when you come back to the reader it goes back especially if new posts are added. I have tried going into the post and hit like but if you go out and back in the like button changed back. Thanks for the information

      Sent from my iPad



  4. I follow several blogs that are not in English. When I want to read one, I open another browser window and go to Google Translate. I copy the url of the blog post that I want to read and paste it into Google Translate. Google Translate will create a link in English. I click on the link, and there is the translated post. Of course, sometimes the translation isn’t the best, though.

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  5. I seem to have similar issues, but I’m using WordPress via app on my phone. I struggle with WordPress some days! I have challenges with getting my posts to show up in the reader and have reached out to wp support for help to. I avail…I chalk it up to me not being compatible with technology.


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