North to Siberia

This Saturday we are heading to Siberia. Well that’s what I call it anyway. My sister calls it Manitowoc, Wisconsin. To me about the same temperature wise. We may be leaving a hurricane in our rear view mirror but we’ll probably have snow while we are there. If not I know we will be freezing our butts off.

No not really me, just a clip off the internet.

We will be gone until the end of the month, so not sure how active I will be online. But I hope to get many pictures to share, especially when we stay for four days at a cabin in the Smokey Mountains. It will be peak time for the leaves.



16 Replies to “North to Siberia”

  1. Glad you were able to leave the hurricane behind. I can’t imagine seeing snow already. I’m sure it will seem colder, going from one extreme to the other. Have safe travel and enjoy your stay in the Smokies!


  2. I grew up in Minnesota where snow was common before Halloween, and the temps in the middle of the winter could bet 50 degrees below zero. We didn’t ever travel to Wisconsin, we were told you could freeze to death in such a desolate place.


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