October One Photo Focus

Stacy’s Visual Venturing, One Photo Focus Challenge. The original photo was taken by Y.Prior of Priohouse

My  platform is my iPad 2, first I cropped it, then used several different apps to add elements to the photo. Then I used Pixelmator to add some effects. The final touch was is Vintage Photo.

Orginal photo by Y. Prior of Priohouse

My edit: A little Gone With The Wind look.


17 Replies to “October One Photo Focus”

  1. Just perfect, Bud. This is my favorite of all the edits this month. Rhett, Scarlet, and the rest are so seamlessly added it’s as if this were a still from the movie. Great job!


  2. I agree with Amy – the wow – and also you are pretty spot on because I guess the stairs here have a connection to Gone with the wind.
    and I know some Gone with the wind fans who will flip out to see this – and if you don;t mind – I think I am going to show some folks at the hotel the next time we visit – this is a culture rich edit – great literature connection, 🙂


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