Having Issues With Storage

I apologize for not posting lately, but I am having major issues with my iPad. It’s a iPad 2 with only 16GB. But that has always been enough. But now one day it’s at 0 the next 729mb. That’s without changing or doing anything. I researched online, and others have the same issue but no clear solution. I have already deleted all my music and have all my pictures in Flickr. Even got rid of most of my apps. None of this helped much.

If anyone out there has any ideas let me know please. It shows I’m using 11.8 GB but when I add up what’s being used it only comes to around 1.1GB.
Thanks in advance for any help.


6 Replies to “Having Issues With Storage”

  1. I was having trouble with storage on my iphone recently. I deleted all I could and downloaded photos, etc. still wouldn’t let me take a photo. Took it to apple store & the guy showed me all the deleted photos were in recently deleted, and they hang around for like 30 days! . He did something, and they all went away, and my phone worked fine again! Hope that’s all you need to do for the ipad.


  2. Sorry, techno illiterate here. Go to your nearest Apple Store. If you live in nowherethehelllosetoanApplestore, try a hard reboot. I think you press the start and the refresh button together and hold it until your fingers are numb and tingling (or the Apple logo flashes on the screen.) that’s all I’ve got for most any repair. It’s hell when you try to reboot a Prius that way, let me tell you.


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