What’s Going on with WordPress

It looks like none of my replies are going through. Anyone else having an issue. Also how come WordPress is making anymore free themes like they were, and they used to always list the theme someone was using at the bottom of the page. Now they don’t

This is the message I get.


We ran into a problem with your recent comment reply by email. Specifically, we weren’t able to find your comment in the email.

We’ll do our best to get this fixed up. In the meantime, you may want to comment directly on the post:



8 Replies to “What’s Going on with WordPress”

  1. WordPress stopped listing the name of the theme at the footer of the blog some time ago. However, you have a choice what is shown there. Go to settings and scroll down to ‘Footer Credit’. Click on the ‘change footer credit’ button. On the customizer page, in the menu on the left, you’ll see a small arrow next to ‘Footer Credit’. Click on the arrow and it will display what you can select to show at the bottom of the blog.
    Check this link out for more details.


  2. Whenever they do more to improve the program for tablet and smart phone users, someone has a glitch happen. I usually put in a message to Support and get an answer back within a day.


  3. Be aware that Amazon has released a new version and anything not from Amazon won’t very well or not at all. I brought a new Kindle hoping to solve my problems, now I have more. It won’t download books except from Amazon.


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