Sparkey’s 1450 Mile Journey – Final Legs

After the race at Keenland we headed to one of the bigger horse farms WinStar. We drove along a road for over 5 miles, and on both sides of the road, it was all WinStar. Wow Hugh.

And the answer to that old question “Where’s the Beef” Well Sparkey sure found it. But it was a little to big for him to handle.

Next day we headed to the Smokie Mountains for a relaxing week in a cabin.

After a scenic ride through the mountains, Sparkey chilled out in the cabin. His home for the next week.

But that week just flew by and it was time for Sparkeys final leg(s) to his new home.

It was a long trip for the little guy but he seem to really enjoy it. Now at his new home he is chilling out, loving it.


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