Levels ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #99

Here is my entry for the Pic and a Word Challenge from the website Pix to Words, check them out. This weeks word is Levels –

The level of the glider rises up off the mountain.

But where it comes down, is never certain.


6 Replies to “Levels ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #99”

  1. Heh … growing up in New Hampshire, among the summertime activities at the local ski hills was hang gliding — in its early hazard-prone stage of development. The landings were fairly unpredictable, and often very, very hard — and sudden.

    Nice interpretation of the prompt! Hoping everyone landed safely, if not elegantly. (You know what they say about any landing you can walk away from.)

    Also, I found your post by scanning through the WordPress Pic and a Word Challenge tag. Your link above is to an older challenge (#97 ~ Current), so I almost missed it when tallying up the week’s responses. =)

    Thanks, as always, for your submission!


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