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So Aparently we can no long link our post to Facebook like we use too. We can link to a Facebook page but not our normal Facebook profile. Now I’m sure there’s a different way to do it. So I’m asking my followers what are you doing. I don’t have a FB page just your normal FB. My WordPress is a free WP,com site so, no plugins or anything fancy. So if anyone knows the how’s please give me a shout in the comments.



  1. Try this. AFter you publish your post, you have a facebook button right above the like button. click that, it should automatically open up a post to Facebook timeline thing and to your regular Facebook, not a page. You have a chance to type up an intro but you don’t have to. The whole post doesn’t appear in FB but a link to your post does. You might just copy the first paragraph and then write “To read more, click the link” or something like that. it might have the side benefit of driving some people from facebook to your blog where they might follow you directly.

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  2. Normally, I would suggest “if this then that” https://ifttt.com that can be used to link desperate systems. I checked, but it seems it can also only update Facebook Pages. FB Pages are easy to set up, but they gradually reduce the number of people who see the updates, as they try to get you to pay for advertising the page. You can always login and paste the link manually – it’s not a good answer, but…

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  3. This was a recent change made by Facebook. You need to have a separate “business” page to share directly from WP to FB. You don’t have to pay FB for this just set up a new account as a personal blog page and then WP can link. Otherwise you can copy the post address and then share it on your personal FB page.

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      1. Yes I think it would be. I have a FB page Horse Addict Leueen that links to my WP posts but I also share a lot of other horse related FB posts on that page. For you just sharing a link would be simpler than managing a second page.

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